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Wir inspirieren zu gesundem Verhalten mit mehr Freude am Leben.

Wie machen wir das?

Wir akzeptieren Sie, wie Sie sind, unabhängig von Ihrem Alter, Ihrem Lebensstil und Ihrer Vergangenheit. Wir hören Ihnen zu, wer Sie sind und was Sie fühlen, damit Sie wirklich gehört werden. Wir erkennen Ihr Leben an, Ihren Schmerz, Ihr Leiden oder Ihre Frustration. Gefühle, denen Sie erst einmal einen Platz geben müssen, lernen zu akzeptieren. Sie lernen zu akzeptieren, wer Sie sind und dass Sie wunderbar sind, so wie Sie sind.

Wir inspirieren Sie zu einer gesünderen, besseren Version Ihrer selbst. Wir führen Sie Schritt für Schritt so, dass Sie den Weg selbst gehen können und das gesamte Wissen über Mindset, Ernährung und Bewegung in Ihrem Werkzeugkasten haben.

Was ist The BootClub

Das erste Bootcamp fand im Jahr 2014 statt. Seitdem hat sich einerseits viel verändert, aber doch auch nicht so viel. Unsere Mission und Vision sind gleich geblieben, unser Angebot hat sich erweitert. 2019 starteten wir das Programm Coaching on Lifestyle (GLI) (Amsterdam). Und heute bieten wir auch Ernährungsberatung und Personal Training in Amsterdam an.

The BootClub könnte ohne das Bootclub-Team nicht existieren. Er ist seit dem ersten Tag für unsere Bootcamp-Teilnehmer dazu da, um sie auf ihrem Weg zu einem gesünderen Lebensstil zu unterstützen.

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Video von Steffi gemacht

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Remco Van EssenRemco Van Essen
08:44 28 Oct 23
My three week adventure with the boat club has come to an end, and I can barely put into words how much it has changed my life. This morning I woke up in my own bed and realized that I have truly become a completely different person. Before boot camp, sleeping in for me meant staying in bed until at least 1 a.m., but now I could enjoy the luxurious feeling of sleeping in until 8:30.To be honest, I was quite dreading it at first. For someone who can barely get off the couch, five minutes of walking is actually too much. The bootcamp has completely transformed my life, and I now give it a solid 8.5, while previously it would not have been higher than -12.7. I not only learned a lot, but also laughed a lot and ate delicious food.I would prefer to recommend this bootcamp to everyone (which I have already done, apparently), but secretly I also want to keep it to myself, so that I know for sure that there is still a place for me next year.I've made a lot of decisions over the past two years (many of which I'm not proud of) but the choice to participate in this bootcamp was hands down the best. This experience felt like a fresh start, similar to reinstalling a computer that no longer works. Thank you for this wonderful experience!I would love to come back today ♡
Anja HuybrechtsAnja Huybrechts
06:28 12 Oct 23
Thank you for the wonderful guidance of my son. We will definitely come back.
One American’s OpinionIf you are looking for a 5 star spa hotel, this is not the place for you. If you are willing to put in the hard work, then results are practically guaranteed. It is very much a camp atmosphere, with bunkbeds, activities and games to keep you burning calories. The food is not gourmet, but some of it can even be called tasty. Clean healthy eating measured meticulously by the staff to keep you satiated throughout your stay. The trainers know when to push you & most importantly know when to back off. All the staff spoke English, at least enough to have all my needs met and questions answered. Every staff member was polite & attentive. I was there a month and I can’t count how many times I would hear other fellow boot campers marvel at what they could accomplish at the end of their stay. There were participants from age 17 to 67, of all fitness levels, some even with preexisting injuries. I was close to reaching my goal, but more than the number on the scale I learned some valuable tips on healthy living. So if you are looking to step away from daily cooking, work & family pressures or are over stressed from life & nearing your breaking point, The Boot Club might be your answer. There are no trained therapists on staff, but there are a lot of friendly faces that are willing to lend a helpful ear. I will leave you with some of the more popular sayings from my time there; “If there is one exercise you can’t do, then there are 20 others you can," “It takes three weeks to build a habit" & “We are all winners!"”P.S. don’t forget to bring a watch.
maaike smaaike s
20:33 18 May 23
I went because I wanted to learn to eat healthier and wanted to exercise. Thanks for the positive experience! It was nice to have a structure for a week of getting up on time, exercising and eating, without having to think about it, that gave me a lot of peace.
Kathy DerksKathy Derks
07:23 17 Nov 22
A great experience that leaves you wanting more. And despite an injury sustained there (you can also be a little too enthusiastic 🙂 ), I still stayed and participated as much as possible, I wouldn't have wanted to miss it. The balanced meals, the measured sports moments, the unique group atmosphere, the experience of the trainers, the 'internal', all this makes you disconnect from your daily activities and that feels so good. Admittedly, it is tough at times, but it is doable for everyone, because you do it at your own level, and with encouragement from the trainers you will anyway go further than you thought you could!! Recommended!
wendy willemewendy willeme
10:48 22 Aug 22
What an experience, what was it a good idea to go on bootcamp!I tried everything to loose weight, to live healthier and wasn't intent to do again a diet with no results.But.... after two weeks of bootcamp at the bootclub my whole life changed! I eat healthier, I do more sports, I am fit, and I am still losing weight and centimeters! I not just losing weight, it's a whole other lifestyle, a whole new me that came home. What an experience, I'll go back for sure and guys, you are amazing! Without you it wouldn't be the same, specially thanks to Calis & Lisanne!I made new friends, I am happy, healthier and fitter, what more can I wish for? xx Wendy
Ursula KlimaUrsula Klima
21:15 29 May 22
I had a great week! Musclepain guaranteed! A challenging, diverse work out with sympathetic trainers who seek to respond to everyones special needs. Of course you should know your own limits... An awesome group of "fellow sufferers" with lots of opportunities for beautiful interpersonal encounters. A nice accomodation and delicious food. And the landscape surrounding the club is really gorgeous... A clear recommendation! I`ll be back 😉
Sonja KnocheSonja Knoche
15:33 27 May 22
I absolutely loved it and will be back in October! Lisanne and the whole team are amazing! Thank you for this great experience!🏋🏻‍♀️
Jaqui HodgkinsonJaqui Hodgkinson
13:59 06 Aug 21
Had a fantastic week at bootcamp very well thought out trainings and excellent food. A total reset in my food and exercise patterns.
Carmen De SaegherCarmen De Saegher
18:56 23 Dec 19
20:53 19 Nov 19

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